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From retail flagships and world‑class restaurants to immersive meeting rooms, we will attract and engage your audience.

From concept.

We transform spaces to captivate, delight and inform visitors.

Applying years of experience in audio-visual technology, we create meaningful and memorable showcases to help you to tell your stories.

We manage all aspects of AV installations: from the initial concept explorations through system design and CAD, to manufacturing, work on‑site, and ongoing technical support.

To delivery.

Our clients range from multi‑national hotel chains to tech brands and international airports…

Whether it's a small-scale projection mapping as part of a broader retail space, or shimmering pillars of LED in one of the world's busiest locations, we have the expertise to realise your vision.

And beyond.

As experts in our field, we design systems to last and only pick the most appropriate components for the job.

Rest assured that we will continue to be on hand, providing warranty cover or service agreements to keep your pixels glowing and your visitors entertained.

Do you have an installation we can help with?

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Where we work.

Transportation Hubs

Airports, railway stations, bus stops and more...

Commercial Spaces & Hotels

From showcase foyers to immersive rooms.

Cultural & Visitor Attractions

Museums, historical buildings and other tourism venues.

Retail & Product Launches

Flagship stores, pop‑ups and brand activations.

One of the best contractors we’ve worked with on the Peninsula Hotel project. Their professional and proactive approach to overcoming obstacles and getting the job done made them a pleasure to work with.

Julie, Prime Development